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The Weights and Measures Group

"Dedicated To Equity and Fairness in the Marketplace"

Weights and Measures may be ranked among the necessities of life for every individual in human society. They enter into the economic arrangements and daily concerns of every family. They are necessary to every occupation of human industry; to the distribution and security of every species of property; to every transaction of trade and commerce; to labors of the husbandman; to the ingenuity of the artificer; to the studies of the philosopher; to the researchers of the antiquarian; to the navigation of the mariner, and the marches of the soldier; to the exchanges of peace, and all the operations of war. The knowledge of them, as to established use, is among the first elements of education and is often learned by those who learn nothing else, not even to read or write. This knowledge is riveted in the memory by the habitual application of it to the employment of men throughout life.


February 22, 1821