About Us

Our mission is to provide guidance to businesses and educate consumers about weights and measures laws, procedures, and requirements in the marketplace. Provide assistance to businesses in the areas of quality assurance, price verification, package checking, and method of sale. Our primary focus is consumer education providing a basic understanding of the weights and measures processes, consumer rights, and the ability to make better economic decisions in the marketplace. Our approach help to eliminate the economic disparities that exist in commerce and trade. Listed below are some focus areas:

  • Fuel dispensers’ accuracy, transactions, and safety.

  • Scale accuracy, type, and transactions.

  • Packaged goods net contents weight accuracy

  • Correct price determination of goods

  • Package labeling

  • The correct method of sale for goods

  • Vehicles for hire practices and procedures.

Our organization has a vast amount of experience in the weights and measures industry are responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of local weights and measures programs. The CEO has served on various national boards and committees such as the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) Board of Directors, NCWM Laws and Regulation Committee, and the NCWM Professional Development Committee. He has also served on regional weights and measures committees working with industry, consumers, regulators, and stakeholders to promulgate laws and training in the United States. Known as one of the weights and measures technology pioneers in the industry. Our staff follows the guidelines, rules, and regulations published by the National Institute Standards and Technology(NIST) Handbook 44, Handbook 133, and Handbook 130.