Pay for the Product not the Packaging

Post date: Sep 04, 2018 10:25:11 PM

Grocery and food prices are at all-time highs and are on the rise.

Listed below are a few tips to assist with your shopping:


Package labels give consumers important information.

The cost of the product and the net quantity in the package.

The quantity is shown as weight, measure, or count such as ounces, pounds, quarts, liters, or square feet.


Regardless if the item is packaged prior to the time of sale or at the time of sale the packaging material (tissue, soaking pads, trays, wrapping, packaging) is known as TARE. Shoppers can save money if they understand and use the following

Tare Tips.

When you buy apples in a plastic bag, you should only pay for the weight of the apples.

When you buy salad in the deli, you should only pay for the weight of the salad, not the container

When you buy meat, you should only pay for the weight of the meat, not the tissue, soaking pads, tray, wrapping

Compare the net weight found on the label to the total weight. The net weight should be less than total weight. The price you pay should reflect the net weight.


Look on the label found on the front of the package and find the net weight. Take the item to the meat or deli and have the packaged weighed (These scales should be regulated by Weights and Measures and have an approval seal). The weight shown of the scale represents the gross weight and it should exceed the stated net weight on the package. If the gross weight is less than or equal to the net weight, YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH!


1. Check to see if the scale has an approval seal.

2. Look at the display of the scale and the registered amount. The scale should be placed so you can see the weight, price, and other information on the display.

3. Make sure the scale show zero or minus number before anything is weighed.

4. Pay only for the product, not the packaging (Tare).

Note: If you have any questions about the weight of an item or how the store weighs its products ask the store manager for this information and if he doesn't know or refuse to supply you with the information Do Not Shop There! Become an educated consumer.